No Set List – 06/25/17

There's no setlist posted for this weekend because I didn't lead. Part of my role at Seacoast Community Church includes taking Sundays off. Crazy, right? Our church highly values teamwork and rest so our teaching pastors rotate preaching and I rotate leading worship music with my friend, who also happens to be my predecessor as…Read more No Set List – 06/25/17

Set List – 04/23/17 (Last Sunday with Resonate)

highlights: There wasn't really a "highlight" for this past weekend. The only word that most accurately describes it is "unforgettable." It was my last Sunday as the Music & Worship Arts Director at Emmanuel Faith Community Church, aka the Resonate Worship Leader. Emmanuel Faith has been much more than my place of employment. The people who work…Read more Set List – 04/23/17 (Last Sunday with Resonate)

Behind The Song: There Is Hope

I feel like there are not a ton of upbeat worship songs nowadays, which is slightly ironic because being a Christian is a joyful thing. Of course, there are difficult aspects. As co-heirs with Christ Jesus, we are assured of sharing in His sufferings but also of sharing in His glory (Romans 8:16-17). Our present trials…Read more Behind The Song: There Is Hope

Set List – 01/29/17

highlights: Waiting Here For You was really powerful. I've found that outward expressions are evidence of inward realities in my life. Raising my hands signifies many things for me. It signifies my desire to give God full control of my work and future, to desperately seek His presence in the midst of my circumstances and even to give my…Read more Set List – 01/29/17

“I’ll Be Back” (As Originally said by Jesus, not the Terminator) 

Before He ascended into Heaven, Jesus promised us that He would return for us, but He didn’t give us a time or date. In fact, He Himself doesn’t even know when He’ll return, only that He will (Matthew 24:36-41). Until He does return, however, He gave us the task of going to tell others about…Read more “I’ll Be Back” (As Originally said by Jesus, not the Terminator) 

My Prayer for Songs of Christmas 2016

Songs of Christmas has been a lot of work this year, but not just for me. Other staff members and many amazing volunteers have contributed sweat, blood and tears in order to make this a Christmas event to remember. That being said, there will be some things done differently this year than in years past…Read more My Prayer for Songs of Christmas 2016

Behind The Song: Jesus Emmanuel

Every year, our church hosts a few Christmas concerts and I’m in charge of one. It’s called Songs of Christmas and it’s fantastic. It’s also a lot of work. Hours upon hours are spent finding a theme, picking songs, creating arrangements, rehearsing, set designing, etc. If it were not for the amazing volunteers that help…Read more Behind The Song: Jesus Emmanuel